How to Watch NFL Draft 2019 Live Stream Online TV Guide

NFL season is all about madness and NFL draft is no exception. Though we all prefer to go to the stadium in ultimate NFL season, most of us like to watch NFL Draft Live Stream Online as it is the easiest way out there. Fans of a particular NFL team wants the best players in their team. So, it is very obvious why the fans wait for the NFL Draft each year. This year NFL Draft is all set to happen on April 25 to 27, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. Lazy fans like us will never go to the event place but we even don’t want to compromise watching a single round. There are a bunch of ways to watch NFL Draft 2019. Among them Live Streaming NFL Draft Online is the easiest way to go. Here, We are going to share some working methods to stream NFL Draft 2019 live Online. You will also get to Watch NFL Draft 2019 Live Stream Online from this site. So, Get a seat and Keep reading this article. We will start from the very beginning.

NFL Draft Introduction:

National Football League Draft also known as NFL Draft is a grand sports event which takes place each year in search of new talents/players for the established team. In this game, each team gets a position in the draft order. All the teams get the reverse place that they obtained last year. In this way, the team in the first place have the opportunity to choose the players. When it all started in 1936, the theme and concept were same as of now. But one will surely find some changes like the rounds. In the starting point, the committee used to choose the player from hearsay, print media and by the popularity of any player who plays outside NFL. But this scenario has been changed now. Every year NFL draft happens for the particular NFL season of that year. NFL Draft event changes its location each year so that they can engage with more fan. This is one of the biggest reason behind NFL Draft’s popularity. NFL draft has been successful from its beginning to bring out new talents and this event will continue its work in the coming future.

NFL Draft 2019

5 Simple but Amazing Facts of NFL Draft:

Player Drafted First in NFL did not Play in the Pro Football: The very first season of NFL Draft started in 1936 and Philadelphia Eagles selected Jay Berwanger as the first draft of the season. He was from the University of Chicago. He demanded a high salary of $1k per match so Philadelphia Eagles traded him. Chicago Bears got Jay after the trade. But this man never wanted to play in the pro season as he wanted to participate in Summer Olympics of that year. Jay was not able to make it out in the summer Olympics. So, he was ready to play in the pro season. But Chicago Bears was not ready to fulfill his demand. For this, He stopped playing football and took a job in the rubber company. In this way, Jay Berwanger who drafted in NFL first did not play in the pro season ever.

The myth about the 7 rounds NFL Draft: Many of us still believe that NFL drafts are going like Round Number 1 in Thursday, 2,3 Rounds on Friday, 3 to & Rounds on Saturday. But this is a myth. NFL Draft was not like that. If we look at the 1940’s Draft, We will be astonished by founding 32 rounds. Wasn’t it huge? But in 1950, 2 rounds were lessened. The NFL Draft of 1960 contained 20 rounds. 3 rounds were again lessened from the 20 in 1967. The NFL Draft of 1977 got 12 rounds. Later, the year 1993 got 8 rounds. The next year Draft was fixed to 7 rounds and from then this is still going. So, We can clearly see from the history that NFL Draft was not always about 7 rounds season.

Last Pick Mr. Irrelevant: This season of NFL draft will select an exact number of 256 players. But do you know that the last picked player is known as ‘Mr. Irrelevant’? This formula of Mr. Irrelevant started in the year 1976. In that year, a player named Kelvin Kirk was unable to make his team Pittsburgh Steelers roster though he had a wonderful career history. We have seen the same scenario from that year many times. Last year, this title went to Chad Kelly of Ole Miss. So, this term has now become a popular thing in NFL.

Arlington to write its name as NFL Draft host city: Arlington has never hosted any NFL Draft before 2018 session. This was the first time to host NFL Draft for this city. Los Angeles, Washington, and Milwaukee have also hosted a single season in 1956. Pittsburgh has the honor to host in 1948 and 1949. Philadelphia has a long list in hosting NFL Draft. It hosted in 1936, 1944, 1949-61, 2017. Chicago got the opportunity to host this event in 1938, 1942-43, 1951, 1962-64, 2015-16. New York will stand out in this list as it has hosted NFL Draft many times. New York hosted the event in the year 1937, 1939, 1944-45, 1947, 1952, 1955, 1965-2014.

Year of Quarterback: The 2004 session of NFL Draft is now known as the year of the quarterback. But if you look at the history of the NFL Draft then you will come to know that the real quarterback session was the 1983’s match. A total of 17 quarterbacks taken from a session which made a record in 2004. So, this year is remarked for a good reason in NFL Draft history.

Our Top 10 Prospect Ranking list according to strength:

1. The first pick of us will Nick Bosa from Ohio State. Nick is a defensive who plays mostly in college football. He is 21 years old and his major strength are Pass-rushing moves, bend, and explosiveness.

2. Jonah Williams gets number two position in our list. He is currently playing for Alabama Crimson Tide as an offensive. The major strength he possesses is Balance, punch timing, power, and light feet.

3. Greedy Williams, a 21 years old American footballer is on no. 3 who is playing as a cornerback in LSU Tigers. His major strength is the fluid movement and skilled in the ball which stands out him from the crowd.

4. Ed Oliver, playing as a defensive in Houston Cougars gets the 4th position here. He can be a game changer if he can rightly focus on his strength of low-center of gravity. Another thing to notice is the explosiveness in his sporty quality.

5. Mirroring skills are hard to found and Deandre Baker is fluid in that. Deandre Baker is now playing in Georgia Bulldogs as a cornerback. His ball skills are also worth noticing.

6. Quinnen Williams is a defensive tackle in Alabama Crimson Tide. As a college footballer, Quinnen has a very good career. We picked him here for his energy level, Pass rushing movement, and fluidity in every step on the field.

7. N’Keal Harry is an American college football player born in Canada on December 17, 1997. He is now playing for Arizona State Sun Devils as Wide Receiver. We listed him at number 7 for his mastery in speed. His deceptive wiggle and high pointing skills are eye-catching.

8. Clelin Ferrell joined Clemson Tigers football in 2015 and still playing there. His performance is up to the mark in the college football level. So, this NFL Draft could change his luck and bring him to the NFL Pro level.

9. A.J. Brown currently playing for Ole Miss Rebels is an American college footballer born on June 30, 1997. He can shine in this session of the NFL Draft by showing his catching styles.

10. Our last but not the least player in the list is Dalton Risner. He is a master in balancing with light feet and recovery skills. This man has something to do in the year of NFL Draft. If everything goes right then we may see Dalton Risner in the NFL Pro Season.

Working Methods to watch NFL Draft 2019: For general, NFL Draft is an event of celebration but for the fans, it is more than that. There are dozens of methods for watching NFL Draft. As a true fan of football, You can experience the event by going to the actual location or place. This is the best way of watching any sports event as it gives the spectators a lifetime experience. You are not up for going to the event place. Okay. No Problem. You can go for the TV Channels where you will get to see the live broadcasting of any particular NFL Draft round. You will get the TV Channel list later in this article. Well, Many of us will prefer the Online Live Streaming of NFL Draft 2019. For that, We will share a lot of working methods to watch NFL Draft in any device on the go. The best way to watch the 2019 NFL Draft live stream online will be this site as we are going to share the free streaming link in this article on the event time. You can use our site to do free streaming. The method of streaming NFL Draft live online are below. Read them carefully one by one.

Tv Channel which will broadcast NFL Draft 2019: Many sports channel broadcast the live coverage of NFL Draft rounds every year. One can go to any of these channels to watch NFL Draft 2019 Live. The first round of this season will go live on Thursday, April 25 Time TBD. The 2nd and 3rd round will go on air on Friday, April 26 Time TBD. The final one will take place on Saturday, April 27, 2019. ABC is all set to do the live coverage of NFL Draft. ESPN, ESPN 2, NFL Network and ESPN Deportes will join the gang alongside with ABC. So, if these channels is available on your service provider then you need nothing to worry. You can enjoy the NFL event on TV sitting on your sofa.

2019 NFL Draft Live Stream Online Using NFL App or Channel App:

This is the coolest way out there to enjoy NFL Draft’s round because you can watch the event from the device in your hand from anywhere. You just need a good working internet connection for interruption-free streaming. Follow the below process to do online streaming.

1. Get the application of ABC, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN Deportes or official app of the NFL Network. NFL Draft 2019 rounds will be broadcasted live in all these platforms. So, Download any of these apps and Install it on the device.

2. You should have a good internet connection to perform the task flawlessly. Charge your selected device fully. DNS proxy may be needed. Use it if needed.

3. Launch the app on your device. Get to the Live section of the app. The app will ask some permission to work. Give all the permission that is mandatory.

4. You need a subscription of Tv channel service provider. If you have that already then login to your service provider account. Now you are all set to go. You will be able to see the live coverage in the given time.

Use VPN to Watch NFL Draft 2019 Live Stream Online: VPN is a tool that one can use to surf the internet. It is mostly used to unlock geo-restriction. If any website is blocked in your country then you can browse that site as well by using a VPN. The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network which really creates a private network for its user. In case, the NFL Draft broadcasting channels are blocked in your area then you can use a VPN to do the online streaming. You will found free and paid VPN out there. You can use any that suits you best. But our recommendation will be a free one as it can do the job most of the time. In short, VPN can be a great asset for Streaming 2019 NFL Draft Rounds.

How to use VPN:

1. Search over the internet for a popular free VPN app. Download and Install it on your device.

2. Open the app and select a different location from your actual one. The app will ask for some permission to set the VPN.

3. Now use the VPN to stream online live tv channel. Follow the above method to get the things working.

Use DNS Proxy to Watch NFL Draft 2019 Live Stream Online: DNS Proxy works 90% similar to VPN. DNS Proxy enables its user to surf the blocked things of the internet by creating different geolocation for the user. When you are unable to find any good VPN app, you can look for DNS Proxy. It will do the things for you. Even If the content is not blocked in your area, we will still recommend using a DNS Proxy as it can give a smooth experience while streaming online. In some cases, DNS Proxy works better than the VPN. So, You can look for this as well.

Use Kodi – The All in One Streaming Portal: This portal need not be introduced. The name says it all. Kodi user can stream all types of sports event live online. For NFL Lovers, Kodi is like heaven. There are many streaming portals but this one is the best among them. Kodi will not charge you anything to run this on a windows device. Its great news for the windows user as they can watch live tv channels on their pc for free. The internet speed must be good and one should look after that before streaming live channel on Kodi. Follow the below steps to setup Kodi on your device.

1. Search for “Kodi for Windows’ in Google, Bing or wherever you want. Download and Install it.

2. Open Kodi on your device and Go to Addon Section. There you will find the Install Package option. Get the addon of a channel where NFL Draft 2019 will go live. Upload it on this section.

3. Sing up and Login to your Kodi account. You will see the newly added channel where you can watch your desired content.

Use Social Media to watch NFL Draft 2019: Social Media has been a part of our daily life. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t use a single social media platform daily. Some people are active 24 hours on social media. Before, Social Media be it facebook, twitter or Instagram were confined to normal activity like chatting, status update etc. But now people can go live in all these sections. From sports event to concert, People are going live from anywhere. This has been a craze now. Popular sports based handle on these social media have started broadcasting live sports event. WWE, NFL, or Marathon every live match you will find on social media. Let’s look over these platforms and its usability.

YoutubeTV: Which is the largest video sharing portal? Youtube, right? Not only that people are preferring video content nowadays in place of written content. So, the popularity of this media is at the peak now. This media has started Live feature recently which has got much more popular than any other social media’s live option. As youtube have a whole lot of sports-based channel, it is not hard to find NFL live broadcasting video on Youtube. Youtube is accessible from almost every type of device with a good internet connection. If you find a dedicated sports channel on Youtube that does live broadcast then you need nothing else.

Facebook: If you are on this planet then you must be on Facebook. Are you serious? No, but this sentence will be true in near future. You can find life on Mars but it is hard to find someone who is not on facebook. Anyway, We are not promoting Facebook here. We are trying to show you the popularity of this platform. Well, this platform has also started live feature like others. Facebook already has a lot of NFL based popular pages. They are now sharing live content on their page to engage with the fans. You can do a little bit of search to find such a facebook page.

Twitter: Twitter is the only platform which has kept its popularity up always. Twitter has written its name in broadcasting live videos by bringing out this feature. Popular Sports based Twitter Account are sharing the live videos of the sports event. they are getting a huge response from the fans in the return. You should look over this social media if you really want a free streaming method of NFL Draft 2019.

Reddit: Reddit is not popular for the live feature. But one can surely get the pre and post event videos on sports based subreddit. We have heard from some people that some subreddit is working in this sector. You can try this method as well. Sign up for a Reddit account and try to find an NFL or Sports related subreddit covering live footage of sports event. Though We are not sure about the live coverage of any subreddit, If we find one, we will update it right here.

A lot of media streaming company are doing well in the market. Roku, FireTV, SlingTV and Fubo TV are popular among them. There are some more service providing company in the list. One can buy a subscription pack of any of these company and watch live tv channel online in any device. If you have no idea of this kind of media streaming company then you can take the example of Netflix. Though Netflix does not provide Live Broadcasting services, this is the only difference between Netflix and Other Live Streaming Tv Channel Companies. Like Netflix subscription, we need to buy subscription pack from these streaming companies. We will suggest you this medium only when you don’t have a cable connection for your TV or you want to watch NFL Draft 2019 live stream in your handy devices. Here is a list and some little bit of information about these online streaming portals.

Hulu: Hulu is an amazing online channel streaming service provider of America. Hulu started their journey in 2007 and till now it has 20 million + customer in this section with 1 million live streamers. Hulu comes with many preloaded sports channel where NFL matches are broadcasted live. If your package does not include that particular channel then changes your package. Hulu is strongly recommended by us.

Roku: Roku needs no introduction as a digital media player manufacturer. But You may not know that Roku has brought new services to live media streaming. Roku has a really cool interface with fluid navigation. It has some built-in free sports channel included in the basic package. You can check there if you have Roku Subscription already. In case You don’t have then you can go for it now. Don’t forget to check the free trial version option before buying.

PlayStation Vue: The most trusted tech company Sony have written their name as a TV streaming service provider. The is the best news for people like us who prefer online TV streaming than the analog cable connection. Though Playstation Vue is new in this field, It is doing a really great job. People who are using Vue’s service are praising. If you are looking for a streaming portal then you can select Vue and give it a try. You can enjoy NFL Draft 2019 Live Stream Online with Vue properly. So, We will suggest you this.

FuboTV: FuboTV is the only among the few live streaming companies which are based on sports. All types of sports, be it WWE or NFL, You will get all the live matches in Fubo. Among the sports lover, FuboTV is a popular name. If you randomly love to watch live sports event then you should go for a subscription to this company. Believe our word, You will not regret. FuboTV can give you hassle-free experience watching NFL Draft 2019 Live from anywhere you are.

DirecTV Now: This is a cable TV service providing company. You may ask why a cable tv connection in 2019? Yes, Your question is valid. But there are few facts behind we included this company name in the list. First of all, DirecTV Now will give you a connection without any long term use promises. In fact, You can take the connection only for this NFL season and then you can cancel the subscription. You will be charged based on your use. Isn’t it an amazing deal? This is the reason why we included DirecTV here.

How to watch the NFL Draft 2019 event from this site:

This is the simplest, easiest and quickest method to follow. You will be surprised to know that this method is also free. Yes, You have heard it right. We are going to update the streaming link on this post in the event time. You will find a streaming button at the right moment. This question may bother you “But What I need to do?” “Nothing”. You just return to this site before the event start, Get to the streaming button and the rest you know well.

NFL Draft 2019 Tickets:

The best way to celebrate NFL Draft 2019 is to go Nashville, Tennessee and spend a holiday there from April 25 to 27. NFL tickets are free for the fans. If you are interested in watching the event then you can contact the box office of the draft in the morning of the event day. One person will get one ticket and the distribution system will be first come – first serve. As the tickets are free, You should go and experience NFL Draft 2019 with your football loving friends. You will have an amazing time during the event if you go there.

NFL Draft 2019 Tours and Travels:

NFL Draft is not a one-day event. This is a 3 days long event consisting of 7 rounds. NFL Draft is not about the selection process only rather it is more than that. NFL Draft event has a games section, exhibition program, VR experience for the fan, Autograph for the fans and much more. These are for free. So, You should buy a travel package with which you can spend a really good time Nashville. You will get some really cool vacation package on the internet. Book it if you have enough time to spend.

Conclusion: There are only a few days left for the NFL Draft this year. The buzz of the draft is going through the internet world. If you are determined to visit Nashville while the event then you have nothing to worry. But in case you can’t go there, you can watch NFL Draft 2019 Live Stream Online from our site by sitting on your room. We have updated all the news related to the NFL Draft in this site. You can check that if you wish to. We have also shown several ways of NFL Draft Streaming and most of them are paid services. You need to use the streaming link shared on this particular post if you want to stream this event for free. So, Stay tuned till the NFL Event.

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